Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Final Act, Orlopp Bronze Dec 19, 2012

Our flock of Orlopp Bronze Turkeys grew well and they have been very healthy and happy birds. They definitely benefited from fresh air, and room to roam. They spent their days preening and showing off,  or vying for limited female attention. They enjoyed a diverse diet including garden veggies, raspberries and whatever else they could find in their pasture.

Tomorrow they go to be processed. I have to say that we will miss their presence here on the farm. The special things to remember are things like:
  • The thunderous sound of the flock running from all corners of the yard to greet us, 
  • The silly sound of the group when they start to gobble (one after the other, like an echo)
  • Or the familiar "shirp-shirp" they make when they see us
  • The way they "stalked" a small-farmer to teach him a lesson
  • The way that they follow the farmers around like an elder
  • Or the way that the "Boys" stand up to protect us all from the dog
  • Or how they run full-throttle behind us when we escort them to their home at night
  • Or the trusting gaze they offer when we reach out and pet or touch them
  • And of course, the times they do not flinch or run away when we touch them.
It has been privilege to grow them, to learn about them and know them. The only gifts we gave them were an unusual farm-life that included being cared for enthusiastically, being sung to and treated with kindness and respect. We ensured that they had food, water and that they could see the sun rise and set each day.

PS - We will really miss Bashful, he made every day special in the Turkey yard, such a gentleman. Wherever I was, he was always close behind.