Friday, September 5, 2008

September Already!

We come from a long line of small garden farmers who believe that foods grown and cared for with love and picked at their peak taste better than those foods produced by volume and picked to ship great distances.... And so far, it seems we are right!!

We have cherry tomatoes and carrots that are just so incredible! The flavor is so bright. The low acid tomatoes we planted, Golden Girl, have been a great variety! sweet and juicy. Unfortunately, I think people are not attracted to the colour, yellow or orange. I guess it is just something about tomatoes are supposed to be RED. Give them a try, you'll be surprised.

Anyway the yellow beans were a great success, sweet and juicy - even right off the plant. We have a few left but they are really at the end of their season. Spaghetti squash and Cucumbers are almost at the end of their run to.

Just starting now we have a great crop of Roma tomatoes and various Sweet Peppers. We have already been making tomato sauce for the winter - this is just soooooo good!!!- like a rose sauce less the heavy cream or wine and even our 5 year old loves it!. If you are looking to make sauce, these tomatoes and peppers are the ones you need - No Spray, fresh and sweet.

We also have hot peppers, Kung Pao and Jalapenos that pack a punch and are necessary for any really good sauce. Our beef steak tomatoes and red beauty peppers are just starting to get ripe.

Latter down the road we should have some butternut squash - sooooo.. tasty with red onion, red potato and olive oil, maybe some basil, oregano and salt. Sorry but the zucchinis have already been spoken for (bread and pasta).

And hopefully in October we will have a few pumpkins for sale, unless our son picks them all early and we have pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin seeds and fall pumpkin display.

If you have a chance, let us know which vegetables you liked best and would like to see again. Maybe you could even suggest some new ones for next year. So far we have a request for Beets and Garlic.

Enjoy your fall!