Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tomatoes on the window sill

A sure way to tell its August! Tomatoes on the window sill.

Our garden is starting to produce tomatoes! about six a day. So far we are picking them a bit early, when they start to ripen and letting them fully color on the window sill.

We plan to sell "No Spray" Green Beans, Sweet Japanese Egg Plant, Cherry and Grape Tomatoes and Low Acid Tomatoes this year, as well as Free Range/Pastured Brown Eggs.

We also planted some authentic Italian San Marzano Roma tomatoes this year. They are just starting to ripen and I made my first sauce yesterday. Yum!!! We eagerly wait for the annual tomato sauces each year. It takes about 4 hours to prepare one batch and we usually do about 6 batches. Lots of work but the taste is amazing!.

Not sure if we will have any Roma Tomatoes left to sell, it will depend on how the season works out. Last year a late blight killed the plants and devastated the crop. Hopefully we'll have better luck this season.

Monday, August 9, 2010

How good are Free Range or Pastured Eggs?

Did you know that happy chickens lay healthy eggs?
Are you interested in learning more about eggs? check out this article.

Check out this link to see the analyses - Mother Earth Egg.pdf