Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Toronto Garlic Festival - We Were There - Were You....

This past Sunday we went to the Toronto Garlic Festival and it was buzzing with people and vendors. The weather was wonderful, sunny and warm and everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves. What a great way to spend a morning or afternoon, taking in the fresh air, appreciating the new fall colours, relishing in the warm breezes and of course buying Ontario Garlic.

We learned something new while we were there to - Did you know that some people like to eat hot peppers right out of the basket! Such Daredevils! I doubt that I'll ever develop tastebuds of steel!

Vendors provided a great variety of items to touch, taste and buy, like spices, produce, pottery and of course tasty foods. We were located between "Add Love & Stir" and "Organic Crepe." From our taste experiences, we can say that the Buckwheat Crepes with Peaches and Chocolate were STUPENDOUS and that the Dip and Prezzels were habit forming (sorry - just couldn't stop!!)

It was a great festival, lots of fun for everyone. Of course we (the Cobblestone Farm Paris) sold Gourmet Garlic, Hot Peppers and some Butternut Squash.We also talked a lot about our farming practices and our Market Garden Produce. If you're wondering - Customers order produce they want from our list, they e-mail us their choices - we pack up their order - Customers pick up their order at our farm.

We spoke with so many nice people and we hope to hear back from some of you! I am really interested in getting the recipe for the hot pepper marinade, if that customer is willing to share - please - please!

It was great to see everyone, and Toronto was definitely the place to be to enjoy Canadian Culture and Canadian Hospitality.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SanMarzano September Days.......

The weather has really cooled off here in Paris. It must be a sign, winter will be just around the corner.
Oh well, it is not here yet!

If any of you are interested in making sauces, we have SanMarzano Roma Tomatoes - they are great for sauce and stewed tomatoes. I made my first batch of sauce and it was soooooo gooood!! We also have heirloom Sicilian Saucers, sweet Low Acids and tasty Cherry Tomatoes.
So, be sure to check our website and order some of our tasty, no spray veggies while they last! At least before we get our first frost. Check our current Produce Availability at:  http://www.thecobblestonefarmparis.com/STAND.html

Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Days

The Garden has produced an amazing bounty this year. Soon it will be time to make Tomato Sauce, I am eager for our San Marzano's to ripen. Only a few here or there right now.

If you are planning a trip to Paris Ontario and have a chance to stop by the farm, be sure to place an order for a custom basket of fresh produce. Check our website Stand page to see what is available and then just let us know what you would like.

Hope to see you before the snow flies!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Heirloom, Hybird, and Non-GMO Vegetables Ready at the farm

The produce is coming on now and we have a large selection of fresh items for sale. Check out the "stand" page on our web site to see the most up to date selections

Here is a sampling of what we have today:

Rhubarb - 8 to 10 stalks - $3.00

Broccoli - 400 grams - $3.00

Chiogga Beets - package of 8 - to 10 - $3.00
Eggplant - package of 4 (6 to 8 inch) = $3.00

Green Onions (Green Banner) - packages 8 to 10 - $2.00
Hot Peppers - 200 grams - $3.00

Herbs - Oregano/Dill - 125 grams - $3.00
Kohlrabi - Large Purple or White - $3.00
Sweet Banana Peppers - 200 grams -$3.00
Swiss Chard - White - package of 8 to 10 stalks - $ 3.00
Romaine - Large Jerrico - $3.00
Waldmann Frilly Lettuce Leaves
- 200 gram packages - $3.00
(packaged as whole leaves or cut for salad)

Zucchini - package of 4 (between 6 to 10 inches in size) - $3.00 or
            - package of 2 at least 11 inches or more - $3.00

Pastured, Free Range Brown Eggs
$3.25 with your egg carton or $3.50 with ours

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Garden is Growing 2011

Our garden is pesticide/chemical free and we hand manage our plantings by laying landscape fabric and straw.  Early this spring we planted Asparagus and Rasperberry Bushes. Theses plants will need a year or two to get situated but after that, we should have enough produce for our customers.

This spring we have Garlic Scapes, Rhubarb, Herbs and Spinach ready to go (eggs too!). If you would like to purchase something from our farm, please contact us through our website.

As the season progresses we will have beans, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, onions and squash (many varieties). Be sure to check out our website and look at the "Grow Plan" to see what is planted in the field. We only plant non-gmo, heritage and hyrid vegetables.

With rain in the air today, our garden is happy and growing and hopefully it will produce a bounty for us this summer!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is it Spring Yet?

We started our seedling on April 9, we watered gently and sat back and waited for our new little seedlings to sprout. We just can't wait for spring this year,the field has already been plowed in anticipation of a great summer season! A few of our seedlings are poking their heads out, beans and broccoli seem to be the fastest growers however leeks and onions are joining in too.

Today however is a cold winters day. Believe it or not, April 17 and SNOW in the air!

The chickens don't even want to come out.
Crazy spring weather!