Friday, June 25, 2010

Fresh Free Range Eggs

I have always loved animals, and I hate to see them mistreated. I grew up with pets, like dogs and cats and I was taught to treat them with kindness and respect. Animals after all are similar to us, with varied personalities, having likes and dislikes as well as the ability to experience emotions.

So, this year, on the farm, we decided to purchase some laying hens. It has been a great experience. We set up a safe place for them to sleep and lay eggs and we ensure that they have ample opportunities to graze and scratch around or just lay in the dust in the field. They have access to fresh water and feed, but they prefer to spend their day hunting, in search of young grasses or tasty tidbits in the yard.

The hens are such fun to have around and the eggs are a bonus. If you are interested in purchasing free range eggs, give us a call before you come to make sure that we have some available.

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